Need your tree removed in the Bronx?

bx storm cleanupTrust us, Bronx tree removals are best left for professionals. It can be extremely dangerous attempting to remove one or all by yourself or with amateurs. Although it might seem simple in theory, in reality it’s not that easy. When it comes to removing trees, we are completely, seasoned experts. It may not be our favorite service to provide because we’re tree lovers but there are plenty of times or situations when your trees does have to be removed.  Don’t worry about what size the tree is, our employees maintain and operate all of the necessary equipment to get your service done properly and promptly. Chainsaws, bucket trucks, safety harnesses, and more.

Common Problems Bronx Tree Pruning Company Can Solve

Bronx tree prunerWe get a lot of calls from customers that may have a tree that has either grown into their roof, a neighbor’s roof or power lines. Now, dealing with an overgrown tree that’s branches has come into contact with your roof or someone else’s can really be a headache. However, if you’ve got tree branches that have grown into a utility pole or power lines this could be a major issue. This could result in power loss or worse fire. As a reputable Bronx tree pruning company, we have plenty experience trimming all size branches as well as reshaping your trees to make them as healthy and beautiful as possible.

Call Us to Remove Those Ugly Bronx Tree Stumps

Everybody’s got them and a good Bronx tree services company will remove them after he’s gotten rid of your tree.  But many tree companies don’t do this; they either neglect to tell the homeowner or property owner about the stump sticking out of ground or make the customer pay extra for it. What sets us apart from our competition is that we’ll effortlessly remove your stump along with your tree. Our tree experts are perfectionists! They key to our success is that we treat your property as we would our own. Our tree care experts can either remove the stump(s) by way of a stump grinding machine or using an environmentally friendly chemical solution.

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Why Call Bronx Tree and Shrub

If you’re looking for a completely honest, reliable and professional Bronx tree services company, you should call us.

  • Licensed & Insured
  • Insurance Claim Friendly
  • Knowledgeable
  • Full Team-Lots of manpower for big jobs
  • We Use Modern Equipment
  • Affordable 
  • Provide emergency tree service
  • Located In the Bronx

Our number one priority is your happiness and satisfaction with our performance. We aim to please and always strive to be the best tree care company in the Bronx. We’d love to hear from you! Our tree services are conveniently provided throughout all Bronx neighborhoods and areas. We also service Westchester County, New York.

What Bronx Tree and Shrub Specialize In

bx tree cuttingJust like our name says, we provide comprehensive tree and shrub care services all over the Bronx, and Riverdale. Just as you might imagine, we do work an all kinds of unique jobs. Some calls are routine, others are single service visits, and unfortunately some are genuine emergencies. With that being said, the most common Bronx tree services we offer on a daily basis include tree removal, tree pruning/trimming, tree planting, stump removal, tree disease control, storm tree damage cleanups, hazardous tree inspections, structural tree support system installations, and land clearing. So just to give you an idea on what each service entails:

Tree Removal: If your tree is dead, diseased, decaying, outgrown, or maybe your renovating your property-we can remove any size tree or any amount from your property safely and quickly.

Tree Pruning: With our knowledge of all the different types of trees in the Bronx, we can accurately trim away and prune your tree into something natural and beautiful. The end result is a structurally safe, healthy and beautiful tree. The most common species of tree we work with are River Birch, Cottonwood, Red Maple, White Oak, Red Oak, Black Willow, Sassafras, Pussy Willow, Sycamore, Honey Locust, Sweet Gum, and Evergreen.

Tree Planting: You need a new tree planted; we can handle it for you in the proper way. Let our tree experts easily and effectively plant your tree with instructions for future maintenance to ensure its survival. The biggest benefits of tree planting include shade in the summertime, wind protection during the winter and a higher property value.

Tree Disease Control: Disease can kill or decay many hardwood trees. This is one of the major reasons as to why they decay over time and eventually fall due to a weakened structure. Most common tree diseases are caused by fungi. These might include powdery mildew, sooty mold, verticillium wilt, canker, leaf spot, heart rot, root and butt rot tree diseases. We can help you prevent and control these tree diseases in the Bronx.

Storm Tree Damage Cleanups: The most common things seen on your property after a storm usually involve tree limbs, leaves, branches and sap. It could take hours or days to clean up the entire mess and without the right equipment it might not be such a good idea for you to try it yourself. We can clean up and haul everything away so it looks fresh and new again!

Hazardous Tree Inspections: Trust us; you don’t want to deal with a fallen tree, especially if it’s caused damage to your property or a neighbor’s. Bronx Tree and Shrub offers a preventative service designed to let you know which trees could be in danger of falling in the future. This is optimal for the safety of your family as well as property value.