Why Bronx Tree Removals Are Our Specialty

Tree removals are something that we have a lot of experience in. It’s a difficult job but, we’re highly skilled and trained to handle any size tree. Trees usually fall due to storm weather, age, decay or disease. Whether they have already bx tree trimmerfallen or if they’re on the verge of collapsing; they pose a major threat. Falling branches and trees can wreak plenty of damage on your property, your neighbor’s property and more importantly; people. We have a thorough process we go through with each time we visit a customer.

The Process We Use To Remove Trees In the Bronx, NY

We have different processes for a tree that has either already fallen or a tree at risk of falling. In any case, you should follow these steps immediately.

  1. Check and see which tree(s) have fallen.
  2. Did anything fall in your neighbor’s yard?
  3. Call your insurance company and snap lots of photos, especially if there’s damage to your property.
  4. Call a licensed and “insurance claim friendly” tree services company in the Bronx. 

If we arrive on the job to remove the tree, we’ll inspect your property and determine the safest, most efficient way to remove your tree. If this was the result of a storm, we’ll also speak to you a bit about our storm tree damage cleanup services.

How to Spot a Dangerous Tree In the Bronx

Due to all of the recent headlines regarding large branches and trees falling, homeowners are as rattled as ever about their safety. In the majority of cases, you’ve got nothing to worry about. But when your house is located under or bx storm cleanupnext to a large tree there’s always a bit of risk there. Bronx Tree & Shrub offer Hazardous tree inspection services to help you spot trees at risk for falling in the future. We Analyze four zones of the tree to determine the risk. These include:

  • Overall Tree
  • Ground Inspection
  • Trunk Inspection
  • Canopy Inspection

If our Bronx tree experts do find anything with potential risk, we’ll offer treatment options. This could include a structural support installation to keep your tree up permanently, or even pruning work. There are all kinds of issues that can present themselves like tree disease, exposed-damaged roots, and storm damaged branches that were never removed. Feel free to call us anytime if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment. You can call us at (347) 933-1832 or contact us via e-mail.